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Visit our FAQs page for info on prices, invoicing & shipping

Perfumedom accepts and delivers orders within its available stock. In the event that some products are temporarily unavailable, we will send you an email to let you know. You will then have the option to modify or cancel your order.

In case of cancellation due to temporary unavailability of items, we undertake to give you a full refund as soon as possible. When confirming your order, you accept all general terms of sale. Perfumedom bears no responsibility for lost shipments although we will do our best to track them down.

Delivery times vary depending on the destination and delivery method. Perfumedom can not be held responsible for any delays in delivery. Delayed delivery will not result in a penalty or compensation and can not be used as a reason to cancel the order.

Lead times

For fragrances, we aim to process and dispatch small orders (up to 2kgs per scent) within approx. 3 working days, however this can vary depending on the season, on what we have in production at the time we receive your order, and the total volume of your order. Orders with fragrances from 2 and up to 5kgs may be dispatched within 4-7 days. This is a rare occasion and we will inform you immediately.

Bulk orders (over 5kgs/fragrance) have a lead time estimate of 6-8 weeks.

Shipping countries

We only ship to EU destinations*: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Croatia, Cyprus, as well as exclusively to 3 non-EU members: Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

If you do not see your country in the above list that means we do not ship there.

Shipping Rates

Zone 1 Shipping

Zone 1 includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Hungary & Romania. Shipping options are UPS Standard (est. delivery 4-9 days) and UPS Saver (est. delivery 2 days). Rates start at 9,80€.

Zone 2 Shipping

Zone 2 includes Ireland, Spain, Croatia**, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia & the Czech Republic. Shipping options are UPS Standard (est. delivery 5-10 days) and UPS Saver (est. delivery 2-3 days). Rates start at 10,90€.

Zone 3 Shipping

Zone 3 includes Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden & Finland. Shipping options are UPS Standard (est. delivery 6-11 days) and UPS Saver (est. delivery 2-3 days). Rates start at 11,90€.

Zone 4 Shipping

Zone 4 includes the United Kingdom. Shipping options are UPS Standard (est. delivery 10-12 days) and UPS Saver (est. delivery 2-4 days). Rates start at 14,50€.

Zone 5 Shipping

Zone 5 includes Cyprus. Shipping options are ACS Courier (est. delivery 9-12 days) and UPS Saver (est. delivery 2-3 days). Rates start at 10,00€.

Zone 6 Shipping

Zone 6 includes Norway & Switzerland which ships only with UPS Express Saver (est. delivery 2-4 days). Rates start at 33,50€.

Domestic Shipping

All domestic orders (Greece) are sent via UPS or ACS courier (est. delivery 1-3 days). Rates start at 4,00€.

Important Notes on Shipping

The above delivery estimates represent the shipping carriers’ valuations and not our own. We cannot be held by any means responsible if delivery exceeds the abovementioned quotas. Once a parcel has been dispatched from our facilities it is the carrier’s responsibility to deliver it safely and timely to its destination, not ours.

Once a parcel is in transit we are not in the position to take any action which may affect or alter or hasten the time or the destination of a parcel apart in assisting with communication between the customer and the carrier and possibly provide additional helpful updates on delivery.

Shipping rates are calculated by the total weight and in some cases the volume metric weight, depending on the greater and which carrier we are using. Volume metric weight is applicable to most International shipments. The shipping cost is automatically calculated at the checkout, if for any reason there is no shipping option available please contact us.

The system recognizes the total volume and weight of the order and automatically applies the most affordable options for you. If you wish to be serviced by a specific courier, please mention it in the comments and we will send you additional payment info if any.

The system is set up to 44kgs in order weight capacity (2 full carton boxes). All orders above 44kgs are subject to special quota which you will be informed by email and will be required to pay.


You can arrange collection using your own preferred courier if this is a requirement. Please contact us in advance to make arrangements. Please note that we cannot deal directly with 3rd party couriers or take any responsibility for any charge occurred. This will be the responsibility of you the client.

Customs Disclaimer: UK, Norway, Switzerland

Please note that we are not in a position to know each country’s individual regulations. Please refer to your local authorities for custom duties information. Furthermore, please note that we do not enclose any documents to any purchase besides invoice/purchase receipt. It is the customer’s responsibility to download and keep a copy of the SDS & IFRA documents we share on our website and provide to whomever requests them. Additional terms apply on our Terms and Conditions; section 10.

* Except Malta, the Canaries and the Azores
** Croatia: 6-12 days on Standard and 3-4 days on Saver

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