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Spring scents. All natural top picks

Our top picks for nature-like Spring scents

One thing we can all think of when it comes to spring scents and that is of course flowers. Thankfully we have quite a few floral fragrances for you to choose for your Spring collections. However, we suggest broadening your assortment to accomodate for another scent category that is often overlooked...
Flashpoint of fragrance oils and its impact on candle-making performance

How the Flashpoint of Fragrance Oils Impacts Candle-Making Success

The art of candle making requires a keen understanding of various factors, one of which is the flashpoint of a fragrance. Knowledge of this seemingly technical term holds the key to safety, scent, and overall burn performance of your beautiful creations. Let's delve into its significance and how it impacts your craft.
Purchasing from a B2B supplier

Purchasing from a B2B supplier: VAT-exemption regulations

As a hobbyist interested in creating beautiful candles for you and your friends or as a new business owner in search of a reliable supplier for your scented creations you will need to have some basic knowledge of VAT regulations within the EU. This knowledge will simplify the process of acquiring the raw materials you need and clear out a few misconceptions you may have when it comes to purchasing from a B2B supplier.
what is a UFI code

What is a UFI Code and Why is it Important?

A Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) code is a standardized identifier that is used to track the distribution and use of chemical substances in the European Union. In this article we will explain the purpose of a UFI code, why it is important and why it is mandatory in products containing hazardous chemicals.
Amber scent tree resin

What is amber scent?

Amber is a versatile scent that can be blended with a wide range of other fragrances to create unique and complex aromas. In this article we will explore this unique base note that dominates the majority of commercial perfumes around the world.
What is Musk Scent

What is Musk Scent?

Ranking just below amber, musk is probably one of the most misunderstood and confusing scents in the minds of many people. Part of its eluding nature has to do that musk scent cannot fall into any fragrance category. In fact it is an entire category on its own. And though many believe that musk is strong and leathery due to the fact that it was traditionally an animal byproduct, it really is the contrary.
more fragrance related queries

More answers to all your fragrance related queries

As our FAQs section is getting bigger and bigger, we thought, for the sake of readability, to stop adding more questions to that page and to address more thoroughly to some of them. This post will allow us more space to further explain quite a few fragrance related queries.
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