What is Musk Scent?

What is Musk Scent

Ranking just below amber, musk is probably one of the most misunderstood and confusing scents in the minds of many people. Part of its eluding nature has to do that musk scent cannot fall into any fragrance category. In fact it is an entire category on its own. And though many believe that musk is strong and leathery due to the fact that it was traditionally an animal byproduct, it really is the contrary.

The history of musk fragrance

Musk has a rich background dating all the way back to 6th Century A.D. It originates from India as the first musk fragrances came from a specific species of deer native to the Tibetan region. As the silk trade flourished so this alluring fragrance became more popular first in the Arabic world, then to the rest of Europe.

The substance requires a very painstaking and time-consuming method of extraction from a preputial gland called musk pod found it the belly of male deer. It is then dried off and turned into powder which is then tinctured with alcohol and left for several months to bring out its unique aroma.

Do all musk scents nowadays come from animals?

As you can imagine, the process of extracting this precious ingredient from poor deer was far from humane. Thankfully science has come a long way producing a host of synthetic molecules, such as Muscone, that mimic the scent of musk. Plus the use of natural musk is now banned in most countries. This means that nowadays all commercial perfumes in the market which include musk scents are in fact vegan. Good news for those lovely creatures!

So what does musk really smell like?

If it was a color then musk would be an almost transparent white. Soft, subtle, yet all inclusive! It really is layers upon layers of many scents all put together to make an unforgettable ride for the nose. Leathery, buttery, nutty, powdery are some impressions you may get out from a quick sniff. Yet, the more you study it the more eluding it becomes and more complex layers are revealed.

For perfumers, musk is their pinnacle ingredient, using it as a catalyst to soften or fixate a perfume, yet at the same time making it ever more potent. You see, musk has this incredible ability to not only bind all other fragrance notes together but also bring out their best characteristics! In fact, a couple of drops of this almost clear scent are enough to change the entire composition into a whole different scent!

4 musk scents at your disposal

In our shop you can find 4 different musk fragrances all with a unique character and style. They are superb on their own of course, but you can use them to make your own custom creations. The possibilities are endless!

White Musk Fragrance Oil

White Musk: Smooth, silky and airy. An almost pure musk scent that exudes a subtle sensuality that is instantly loveable. This one is perfect for floral arrangements as it includes a touch of soft flowery notes.

Velvet Musk Fragrance Oil

Velvet Musk: Sleek and contemporary white musk blend with amber and a bit heavier floral notes. More grounded than the aforementioned White Musk without losing its “wet-skin” character.

Cocoa Musk Fragrance Oil

Cocoa Musk: Dry and nutty yet very carnal and arousing. A dark musk composition you can count on while creating warm and woody perfumes as it can unhinderedly bring out their balsamic nature.

Musk Royale Fragrance Oil

Musk Royale: Another dark musk blend, this time more decadent and ever so grounded. Paired exquisitely with precious woods and resins, this sophisticated scent is made to turn heads and captivate the senses!

Which is your favorite musk scent from the above collection? Write us in the comments below.

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