Our top picks for nature-like Spring scents

Spring scents. All natural top picks

One thing we can all think of when it comes to spring scents and that is of course flowers. Thankfully we have quite a few floral fragrances for you to choose for your Spring collections. However, we suggest broadening your assortment to accomodate for another scent category that is often overlooked. This is no other than the green scent group which is extremely complimentary to the floral one and together make up for a more natural olfactory experience.

Spring scents are more than floral aromas

Florals, in one hand, are usually formulated with musky bases in order to enhance their subtle notes – especially in particular light floral blends (colorful lily-like flowers) which tend to be more delicate than their white (jasmine-like flowers) counterparats. However, the musk booster gives out a powdery, almost perfume-like sensation which deviates from our Spring nature rebirth theme and we would like to keep it more garden-like and as organic as possible.

This is where the grass family of scents comes to really fine tune our Spring collection to perfection! Adding just the right amount of greenery to our line of spring fragrances not only introduces a broader variety of products for our customers to choose from, but also adds the right touch of refinement and a sense of completeness to our seasonal assortment.

With that being said, and if we ourselves were to create a Spring scents candle collection with only just 6 fragrance oils from our catalogue we would probably go with:

1. Orange Flower

A simply divine neroli scent with just the right amount of citrus, floral and greenery we would dream of that gives the sensation of rubbing your fingers to an orange tree leaf. Sorry for the overstatement, but we are a little obessed with this fragrance.

2. Blooming Paradise

Another green/floral combo. This one smells more like green flower stems rather than green leaves, paired with a wonderful bouquet of the most well-known and loved spring flowers.

3. Pure Lilac

Or pure joy if you prefer! Nature’s masterpiece in its purest form, with lilac dominating the upper and middle part of the fragrance. Lots of patchouli and musk at the base for that oomph effect we mentioned earlier.

4. Spring Blossom Breeze

This is a no brainer. Another rich bouquet of light and heavy florals this time with a more grounding and sophisticated earthy base than Blooming Paradise.

5. Lily of the Valley

Miguet needs no special intro from us. We’d only add that it is green plus floral plus musky, allowing it to sit comfortably in the middle of powdery and leafy scents.

6. Honeysuckle

A mediterranean garden staple, rivaled only by jasmine in beauty, though less heady and more fruity. A playful citrus top offers a fresh swoosh and of course a musky/green base that screams Spring for a mile away.

Do you agree with our top Spring scents picks? Let us know in the comments below. Which floral scent is your to-go fragrance for the blooming season?

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