Benefits for choosing Perfumedom as your No1 fragrance oil supplier

fragrance oil supplier

When choosing a fragrance oil supplier you need to check 2 main characteristics: Reliability & Consistency. Reliability as of prompt response to your order and as of supplying with all safety documents needed to accompany this order. Consistency relies on the ability to stay true to the original formula without deviations.

Our lead times are the fastest on the market ranging from 1-3 business days, however in some cases where stock is readily available we can dispatch as quickly as on the next day from your order. All SDS and CLP certification has been prepared by a professional CLP labelling company to ensure accuracy and is reviewed every 12 months. You can find all relevant documents in the corresponding tab under every product’s description.

Being a EU-based company means that there is no VAT included in our prices and more so no customs when you receive your parcel as opposed to all UK-based companies, which after Brexit are being treated as all other non-EU companies. This means more competitive prices and even more value for money per gram.  

What we can offer as a fragrance oil supplier

  • SDS, IFRA & CLP documents for all our fragrance oils
  • VAT-free prices for valid VAT-id customers
  • Customs-free shipping as we are EU-based fragrance oil supplier
  • Very small to large volumes for all your company’s needs

But there is more than this

We are able to identify as quickly as possible worldwide trends in this fast-paced industry and to respond with our own unique fragrance creations which will bring value and recognition to our customers’ products. Moreover, we create our fragrance oils using blends of natural essential oils and synthetic raw materials to achieve performance and quality assurance. Thus, whatever your project, you can trust our technical expertise and our knowledge of the market to deliver the most leading edge, sophisticated and inspiring products to your customers.

Comments (16)

  1. Hello, I don’t have VAT the price is the same?
    I from Italy, how much is the shipping?

    1. Hi Christina. We serve both individuals and companies alike. The only difference is that valid VAT-id companies in the EU are excluded from VAT charges. Please read our FAQ page for further info and be sure to check our Shipping & Delivery page for a detailed breakdown of shipping costs.

  2. Hi
    I would like to know do you do fragrance oil
    So I can use as a perfume oil .

    1. Hello Mohammed. If you mean as a perfume, yes you can, by following each FO’s own IFRA reccomendations of course. You can find all related documents next to the description tab of each product.

  3. Hello dear
    we are going to start production of final products from oils our firs product will be perfume pack for you and your car same time it will be same smell in car and cars owner
    Pls ask if it possible to send to Armenia by post or DHL or another operator and what is the minimum order in USD that you can sell as

    1. I’m very sorry Arthur but we only ship to Europe!

  4. Hello, do you ship to Canada?

    1. Hello Usman. We ship only to European destinations

  5. hi
    I would to find out if you can ship to south Africa and how long does it take

    1. Hello! Sorry but we only ship to European destinations 🙁

  6. Hello, where I can find for each product what I buy hiw much % or fragrance oil I should use for cadles?

    1. Hello! Recommended ratios for candles is 7%-10%. We always recommend to carry out your own tests, as performance may vary depending on the material with which the oil is coming in contact.

  7. Hí, your website is gergous!
    My question is about carriers. There is alcohol that is odorless and can be used to make perfume. OR only 90-96% Ethanol or basic oil (like Jojoba) are used?
    thanks, Tom

    1. Hello. It depends on what you wish to produce. For EDP you will need alcohol 94o-96o. For reed diffusers it is best to use an oil-based dilutant because the fragrance will evaporate too quickly with alcohol. And by the way, don’t be confused. Ethanol is just another name for alcohol. It goes by many names such as absolute alcohol, perfumers alcohol, cologne spirit, ethylic alcohol etc.

  8. I am producing body butters and lotions and to be Aadd more variations to my selection and you have amazing scents, just want to be sure that I can use your scents in my mixtures, since I want to expand my range to the stores and do both B2c and B2B?

    1. Hello Alma. Yes, our FOs are suitable for all cosmetic purposes including body butters and body lotions. Always in respect with the max ratios of each Fragrance accompanying IFRA documents.

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