The 3 bestselling woody fragrance oils of all time

woody fragrance oils

We all love the warm, inviting scent of wood and the calming properties of woody fragrance oils. However, there are 3 of them which you can go wrong whatever blend you decide to incorporate them in. But before we start discussing them let us get something out of the way first.

Disclaimer: By “woody fragrance oils” we are referring to the scent signature of a particular tree which is derived from its bark or leaves but not its resin or gum. Resinous fragrances, though mostly woody in their profile, they tend to lean over to the “Oriental” side of the scent spectrum, thus it would be unfair to list them side by side with pure woody scents.

So, with the above disclaimer out of the way, let us begin exploring the 3 most renowned woody fragrance oils. And we are going to start with a gentlemen’s favorite, which is no other than Cedarwood. Although there are quite a few variations of this beloved scent, some more smoky, others more creamy and others a bit on the green side, however everyone can instinctively sense the distinct sharp and balsamic quality of cedar.

Continuing with the list of the bestselling woody fragrance oils we have an exotic favorite from the East: Dark, seductive and fully aromatic Sandalwood. An all-time classic for candle scents, sandalwood performs exceptionally when it is under high temperature, generously giving out its velvety smooth aroma to the ambience. And because of this so characteristic scent, it is preferred to leave this fragrance enough “room” without altering its offset with various scent notes. Just let it shine on its own!

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of woody fragrance oils that sell like crazy is another exotic entry from the far-east: Agarwood, also known as Oud. Considered by many as the ultimate luxury ingredient, agarwood is one of the most rare and precious fragrance oils in the market. We can describe it in many words like oriental, bitter-sweet, almost vanillic, with a touch of tar and soft-floral notes… In one word: Irresistible!

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