The best herbaceous fragrance oils

herbaceous fragrance oils

They are known for their green-like and camphor scent profile which evokes a sense of serenity and well-being, like a walk in the countryside. Herbaceous aromas are among the favorite fragrances in scented candles for creators and herb-lovers alike and the good news is that their respective fragrance oils are quite affordable.

Being so popular, doesn’t mean of course that everyone love herbaceous fragrances, however there are a handful of best-sellers which you simply cannot go wrong with. And by far the best comes from a purple flower of a humble shrub with the most refreshing, invigorating and dreamy scent. You guessed it. It’s Lavender, the king of herbaceous aromas with its delicate scent that is almost a staple for every green composition out there.

You can find this amazing scent prominent in our rustic fragrance oil composition under the name of Lavender Fields, along with rosemary bergamot and geranium.

Continuing with herbaceous fragrance oils you cannot go wrong with we have another humble bush that is being praised since antiquity for its medicinal properties. Its tiny leaves leave a distinct oregano-like scent which almost all Mediterranean foods just beg to be sprinkled with. We are talking about Thyme and its sharp spicy-green aroma, a scent that if used correctly in a fragrance oil blend has the ability to make an remarkable impact on any product.

Our Lemon Thyme fragrance oil is one of these unmistakable scents which bring out the true essence of the Mediterranean with its organic, unrefined yet so captivating aroma.

Last but not least on the best herbaceous fragrance oil list is Rosemary; an alluring lavender-like fragrance that strikes that perfect balance between woody-warm and minty-cool evoking feelings of focus and spiritual uplift. However, rarely will you find rosemary on its own, not because it is weak – on the contrary – but due to the fact that it pairs exquisitely with citrus and woody notes.

Closing, we would like to make an honorable mention to Basil. Though not as popular and widely-recognizable as the bove three, this particular scent is quite often found paired with citrus notes giving them a rustic, green, almost grassy edge.

Visit our Herbaceous & Green Scents now and discover our range of herbal fragrance oils.

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