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Key Lime and Peppermint fragrance oil

New arrival: Key Lime and Peppermint

Key Lime and Peppermint is a super fresh and watery sensation that combines the cooling notes of peppermint and spearmint with crisp lime, delicate floral notes of jasmine and water lily, and a comforting base of verbena and vanilla. This multifaceted fragrance oil is perfect for creating scented candles, soaps, and toiletries that can awaken the senses, soothe the soul, and create an spa-like ambiance in any space.
Spring Blossom Breeze

New arrival: Spring Blossom Breeze

Spring Blossom Breeze is an ethereal fragrance oil that is imbued with the freshness of a blossoming garden in spring. Its delightfully breezy aroma is a complex blend of light and heavy floral scents, with top notes of freesia, gardenia, hyacinth, and lime peel, heart notes of rose, jasmine, lilac and mimosa, and base notes of acacia and white hawthorn.
Aloe and Bamboo fragrance oil

New arrival: Aloe and Bamboo

Aloe and Bamboo Fragrance Oil is a refreshing and invigorating scent that combines the soothing properties of aloe with the clean and fresh aroma of bamboo. With a delicate blend of floral middle notes and woody base notes, this fragrance creates a harmonious balance between relaxation and vitality, perfect for creating a natural and peaceful ambiance.
Juniper and Spruce Fragrance Oil

New arrival: Juniper and Spruce

A fragrance oil that truly captures the essence of the great outdoors! Juniper and Spruce is an energizing, ozonic fragrance boasts an alluring bouquet of fresh, green moss and fern, which delicately dance on the nose before transforming into a heart of coniferous woodland accord. An earthy-musky base of Haitian vetiver soothes the entire composition and grants it long-lasting performance.
Smoked leather and Myrrh new fragrance oil

New arrival: Smoked Leather and Myrrh

A stunningly luxurious and sensuous scent that exudes the opulence of oriental grandeur. This compelling fragrance oil features a sophisticated blend of saffron and laurel leaves at the top notes, smoky incense, myrrh and opoponax in the heart notes, and leather, amber and musk at the base. Perfect for anyone looking for a strong oriental fragrance with a distinct resinous profile.
Black Oud Fragrance

New arrival: Black Oud

A dark all-woody blend based on the profound and sophisticated aroma of agarwood (oud). The fragrance opens right away with a spicy combination of palo santo and clove, further deepened in the middle with warm cedar and blackwood and enwrapped in total mystery in a signature smoky-woody base of oud, patchouli and leathery musk. Ideal choice for those who seek a scent that is both elegant and mystifying.
Leather and Spice Fragrance

New arrival: Leather and Spice

A daring masculine composition striking a perfect balance between stylish sophistication and every-day lifestyle. An ultra spicy but not too heavy heart of cumin, nutmeg and allspice acts as a catalyst between the bold aromatic top notes of clary sage and pepper and the more serious and mature woody-leathery base. Leather and Spice fragrance oil is a sophisticated and distinctive scent that embodies the essence of masculine elegance.
Rock Rose and Amber Fragrance oil

New arrival: Rock Rose and Amber

Rock Rose and Amber is a rich floriental fragrance that mesmerizes the senses! Experience the magnificent aroma of labdanum (a.k.a. rock rose) in an exquisite pairing with amber, benzoin and patchouli. Few fragrance notes can match the depth and complexity of this centuries known resin, with many people describing it as warm, earthy, powdery and balsamic with a subtle “swoosh” feel to it. To put it in a few words: Feminine and utterly sexy.
cherry plum fragance

New arrival: Cherry Plum and Raspberry

A ripe all fruity symphony with tangy forrest berries in the top notes, sweet and nectarous middle notes of plum and cherry, balanced harmoniously on a warm base of patchouli and vanilla. Cherry Plum and Raspberry Fragrance Oil is perfect for anyone who loves to indulge in sweet and fruity scents, as its rich and decadent aroma is like a bite of paradise. Its exquisite and ornate composition will transport you to a world of fruity delight!

New arrival: Mochaccino

Mochaccino is a sophisticated balsamic blend with mocca and caramel on the lead. Sublte spicy accord of forest berries and rum on the top notes, quickly followed by a delectable heart of chocolate mocca, coconut, caramel and hazelnuts. A rich base of buttered vanilla invites you to take a sip on one of the most delicious bevarages you’ve ever tasted! Your next best-seller scent is here!
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