hydrangea fragrance

Discover our new Hydrangea Fragrance

Here in Perfumedom we are always looking for unique scents and hydrangea fragrance was at the top of our list for quite some time. So after many testing and sniffing around we’ve found the perfect representative of this magnificent flower in an exclusive blend that exudes spring time bliss from a mile away!

Our new Hydrangea Garden Fragrance Oil utilizes a lovely fruity combo at the top (apple & appricot) softening from the very start the intensily green signature of hydrangea flower. In the middle notes we find a masterful crafted accord of super unique (and never before aquainted in our shop) garden flowers of plumeria and protea supplementing with their powdery strength the leading hydrangea fragrance. And speaking of powdery aftersmells, the base is very cleverly crafted to accentuate just this olfactory profile with white sandalwood and musk.

No patcouli (resinous) base means that this fragrance gets to keep its garden-green profile, and with the (almost mandatory now because of the absence of patchouli) addition of musk, we get to experience a garden-green-floral plus powdery scent! We loved it from the first whiff and we hope this hydrangea fragrance can find its way to your own scented creations!