grape vine fragrance

A rustic grape vine fragrance for mediterranean vibes

An advantage of being a fragrance supplier from the southeastern Europe is that you get to experience all the lovely organic scents of the country since day 1. Even if you were born in the most urban jungle of enviroments, you would sure have come accross a couple of fig trees, lots of honeysuckle bushes and for the scent in question, you are surely familiar with the authentic smell of a grape vine fragrance.

Grape is an elusive scent and many suppliers opt for that extra sugary version of it, bringing to mind more of grape juice than the organic smell of the fruit. We are guessing they are thinking of “the sweeter the better” in terms of commercial appeal. And while this approach is anything but correct, we chose to go for an alternative route and opt for a more rustic, green and grounded grape vine fragrance version of the fruit. Thus, no juice, no chewy gummy smell here. With Grape Vine Fragrance Oil you will get the pure and authentic grapes scent just like picking them right off a vine yard.

And sorry for the misleading subtitle, though it’s damn right “better than them”.