Juniper and Spruce Fragrance

Juniper and spruce fragrance for snowy winter vibes

If you are one of those associating the scent of fir with winter holidays you might want to save this Juniper and Spruce fragrance for a later date. For those seeking for foresty scents read on.

Ok, though quite woody and grounded in nature, Juniper and Spruce Fragrance Oil sneaked its way into the Herbaceous and Green category due to hosting several notes of the “leafy” scent spectrum (we’ve just made up this name) that together create a highly ozonic olfactory experience, cool, breezy and full of that strange substance called Oxygen you get to inhale in large amounts while finding yourself in another strange place called forest (?) or so we were told.

So, when the time comes to prepare your holidays assortment, opt for a breezy green winter fragrance to add to your wide array of cinnamon scents for a change!