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A guaiac scent with a complex spicy character

A sophisticated guaiac scent with a premium spicy kick

This true guaiac scent is so complex we've almost run out of space when listing its scent structure! And we are not to the least exaggerating with our choice of words stating "spice galore" as this multi-faceted guaiac based blend has such a rich spice concentration at the top it will make any indian take-away taste like boiled carrots. As you've probably guessed by the uninspired tag-line at the bottom - thanks content creation team... 😒- with spices, woods and resins you can't have it any other way than an oriental/masculine fragrance. A very strong and sophisticated guaiac scent for those who love immersive and opulent aromas for their scented projects.
Black Oud fragrance

The dark and smoky allure of our Black Oud fragrance

This is the "angry" brother of our Oud trio, which you can read all about here. Black Oud Fragrance Oil is a dry, dark and enticing all-woody fragrance, that along with the addition of musk at its base, presents a totally unique perspective by boosting agarwood’s smoky nature. Quite daring and niche as a scent but an absolute stand-out when it comes to woody blends because of its ultra tarry and leathery character. Quite impactful aroma that you either going to love or hate, no middle ground.
Juniper and Spruce Fragrance

Juniper and spruce fragrance for snowy winter vibes

If you are one of those associating the scent of fir with winter holidays you might want to save this Juniper and Spruce fragrance for a later date. For those seeking for foresty scents read on. Ok, though quite woody and grounded in nature, Juniper and Spruce Fragrance Oil sneaked its way into the Herbaceous and Green category due to hosting several notes of the "leafy" scent spectrum (we've just made up this name) that together create a highly ozonic olfactory experience, cool, breezy and full of that strange substance called Oxygen you get to inhale in large amounts while finding yourself in another strange place called forest (?) or so we were told. So, when the time comes to prepare your holidays assortment, opt for a breezy green winter fragrance to add to your wide array of cinnamon scents for a change!
rosewood fragrance

A rosewood fragrance for the most stylish creations

We admit we have experimented a lot with Siamese Rosewood fragrance over the years, adding and subtracting coplimentary notes to the original formula (by the way, thank you for your precious feedback), till we finally brought the best out of it. The end result is a fine balance between floriental and woody and a bunchload of precious spice notes (brace yourselves: tarragon, cardamom, clove, mace, cinnamon & ginger). Though, the real kicker came in the 4th (and final) version of the product with the introduction of peach and bergamot at the top. We sincerely hope you like its unique and complex character of our Siamese Rosewood fragrance oil cuz we ain't gonna mess around with it anymore!
grape vine fragrance

A rustic grape vine fragrance for mediterranean vibes

An advantage of being a fragrance supplier from the southeastern Europe is that you get to experience all the lovely organic scents of the country since day 1. Even if you were born in the most urban jungle of enviroments, you would sure have come accross a couple of fig trees, lots of honeysuckle bushes and for the scent in question, you are surely familiar with the authentic smell of a grape vine fragrance. Grape is an elusive scent and many suppliers opt for that extra sugary version of it, bringing to mind more of grape juice than the organic smell of the fruit. We are guessing they are thinking of "the sweeter the better" in terms of commercial appeal. And while this approach is anything but correct, we chose to go for an alternative route and opt for a more rustic, green and grounded grape vine fragrance version of the fruit. Thus, no juice, no chewy gummy smell here. With Grape Vine Fragrance Oil you will get the pure and authentic grapes scent just like picking them right off a vine yard. And sorry for the misleading subtitle, though it's damn right "better than them".
raspberry ice cream scent

A fresh and summery raspberry ice cream scent

Most raspberry fragrances we've tried over the years smelled so sugary sweet and artificial that at one point we just gave up the search. Until this arrived at the office and the heavens opened with little baby angels singing "Share this amazing raspberry ice cream scent wonder with the world!". Their exact words! We were standing in awe by this raw and super effective top of raspberry and cranberry but we just couldn't quite grasp the heart accord. What made this fragrance so sweet and icy fresh at the same time? So, the little baby angels again pointed with their little baby fingers to its olfactory pyramid and lo and behold: Juniper! You cannot smell it but it's there. And it gives that amazing frosty feel to an otherwise typical fruit/vanilla combo, compressing its sugary output to a minimum without sacrificing the... berry-ness in it. Thank cranberries for the tanginess at the top and grapes in the middle notes for that extra juice, and there you have it: A raspberry ice cream scent delight that we are confident that your customers will love!
cheesecake scent

A sophisticated and delicious cheesecake scent

There's always some magic going on when combining rose and caramel in a cheesecake scent. Those 2 very simple but distinct notes, which lie in the center of our Cranberry Cheesecake Fragrance Oil, when fused together produce something totally unique. You cannot really describe the outcome as pastry-sweet neither rosy-floral; more of a silky smooth creamy balsam like gentle motherly touch. Loaded with red berries on top and of course vanilla at the base and the end result is an incredibly balanced fragrance which has that bakery feeling alright, but at the same time an ultra sophisticated character that makes you wonder if it was initially intended for a commercial perfume. No wonder it broke the record as our fastest selling product launch! Have you tried our delicious cranberry cheesecake scent? Tell us your thoughts in the reviews section.
marine fragrance oil

A tropical marine fragrance oil for the escapists

A tropical marine fragrance oil without coconut? Outrageous! Sorry, but this is no sterotypical marine scent trying to lure you with in with sun-screen notions - though we have one such thing for the sake of cliché olfactory preferences. Instead, you will be pleasantly surprised with its extra juicy heart of mango, apricot and passion fruit - a tropical accord made in heaven! And that is if you can firstly ignore the heavy gardenia based uppercut your nose will suffer, because after all, it's the tropics and those heady flowers reign supreme. Plus, you will get a decent amount of swoosh, but not that deteregent artificial swoosh, more of a perfumy "expensive" swoosh, like a gentle splash of water on your Versace bikini top after your boo took a dive on Phuket's crystal sea. What do you think of our Acqua Marine Fragrance Oil? Love it? Hate it? Post a review of your experience with this oil. Looking for more inspo for oceanic scents? Read this.
Lime and Peppermint scent

The key to lime and peppermint scent success!

Don't rush to disregard this lovely Lime and Peppermint scent because it's not chewing-gummy minty neither sharp lime-y(?). Well, it is, but thanks to vanilla which came in at the very last moment we have a pleasantly balanced mix of tanginess and mintiness which will work wonders on cosmetic applications mostly. To be honest, we can't think of anyone using Lime and Peppermint scent combo in a candle, unsless they have an endless collection of scents and they are thinking of "why the hell not"? There's something quite contradictory burning a thing for only to smell fresher than a toothpaste... On the flipside, you can use it in a diffuser collection alright for customers looking for a bright and crisp bathroom fragrance. And they are lots of them.
Ocean Mist scent

An ocean mist scent for that cool northen sea vibe

This Ocean Mist scent is featured in our Scent Triads series where we have discussed about our Ocean themed scents and their differences. And while Ocean Breeze has a distinct citrus/floral brightness, and Ocean Wave a more complex aromatic/woody character, Ocean Mist Fragrance Oil is sitting in the middle with a cool citrucy/coniferous/green feel that will take you on an adventure to the high seas on a 18th century privateer! No special ornamental florals in this ocean mist scent, as we don't need them in our voyage. Instead we have sea tortured pinewood on the deck and constant whiplashes of salty droplets on your face that make you question your life's decisions as you ride the furious waves of the northen Atlantic. But there you are for at least 3 weeks, and you might as well enjoy it. Ahoy Captain!
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