Ocean Mist scent

An ocean mist scent for that cool northen sea vibe

This Ocean Mist scent is featured in our Scent Triads series where we have discussed about our Ocean themed scents and their differences. And while Ocean Breeze has a distinct citrus/floral brightness, and Ocean Wave a more complex aromatic/woody character, Ocean Mist Fragrance Oil is sitting in the middle with a cool citrucy/coniferous/green feel that will take you on an adventure to the high seas on a 18th century privateer!

No special ornamental florals in this ocean mist scent, as we don’t need them in our voyage. Instead we have sea tortured pinewood on the deck and constant whiplashes of salty droplets on your face that make you question your life’s decisions as you ride the furious waves of the northen Atlantic. But there you are for at least 3 weeks, and you might as well enjoy it. Ahoy Captain!