Oceanic Fragrances

3 splendid oceanic fragrances for cool sea vibes

Marine scents as a notion is a relatively modern trend, where concepts of minimalism and cleanliness were firstly introduced in the fashion world in the early 90’s. From then on, we can trace a growing demand for oceanic fragrances as more and more people were opting for perfumes that had that fresh-out-of-the-shower feel to them. And we can blame just one key ingredient for that: Calone. A rather unique chemical compound with a strong sea-breezy, almost salty character, which even in small dosages can transform an otherwise quite floral/citrus fresh composition into a glorious… shower gel.

Of course, not all oceanic fragrances are calone based as you can see below. Most of them will have a combination of crisp citrus fruits, woody and mossy undertones and airy floral accords. So, let’s breakdown the 3 ocean fragrances we host in our collection and unravell their differences.

Ocean Breeze

A calone based oceanic fragrance which boasts a very clean citrus top. An overall balanced scent with a strong floral heart accord which is water lily dominant.

Ocean Mist

A very green/citrucy marine scent, less floral than Ocean Breeze. The lack of calone in this one is compensated with pine and cedarwood which give of a moisty feel. Neroli and miguet here are only present to further enhance the green output of the fragrance.

Ocean Waves

Sophisticated and complex marince scent with distinct aromatic/minty top notes and earthy woods balanced with neroli and geranium. A touch of calone here is needed for that extra swoosh!

Honorable mention

We needed a fruity-based marine scent so we couldn’t help but to include Acqua Marine in our collection for those looking for a tropical twist to the typical oceanic fragrances.