Oud Fragrances

3 alluring oud fragrances to indulge

Oud fragrances have been all the rage the last 5 years – and we all know who’s to blame for this trend. Personal perfuming asside, this magnificent woody compound is perfect for creating a warm, sensual and very sophisticated ambiance when used in home fragrances. We heard you, and we are now hosting 3 pure oud fragrances in our store, and also trying to fuse it in other blends where possible. But to clear things a bit, we will break down in this post our 3 oud scents and talk a bit about their differences.

Oud Incense Fragrance Oil

If you are aiming for just one 100% oud scent then Oud Incense Fragrance Oil in all its rich, balsamic glory is for you! A perfectly rounded scent that captures that mysterious but unmistakable aroma of a smoky agarwood.

Arabian Oud Fragrance Oil

This one makes little room at the base for leathery scents to come forth and introduces complimentary exotic spices to offer an oriental twist to the typical oud aroma. More sensual than the first, less balsamic though. Still a well balanced oriental oud fragrance overall.

Black Oud Fragrance Oil

A dry, dark and enticing all-woody fragrance, that along with the addition of musk at its base, presents a totally unique perspective by boosting agarwood’s smoky nature. Quite daring and niche as a scent but an absolute stand-out when it comes to woody blends.

Which of the 3 oud fragrances we host is your favorite? We would love to know in the comments and reviews of each product!