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Oceanic Fragrances

3 splendid oceanic fragrances for cool sea vibes

Marine scents as a notion is a relatively modern trend, where concepts of minimalism and cleanliness were firstly introduced in the fashion world in the early 90's. From then on, we can trace a growing demand for oceanic fragrances as more and more people were opting for perfumes that had that fresh-out-of-the-shower feel to them. And we can blame just one key ingredient for that: Calone. A rather unique chemical compound with a strong sea-breezy, almost salty character, which even in small dosages can transform an otherwise quite floral/citrus fresh composition into a glorious... shower gel. Of course, not all oceanic fragrances are calone based as you can see below. Most of them will have a combination of crisp citrus fruits, woody and mossy undertones and airy floral accords. So, let's breakdown the 3 ocean fragrances we host in our collection and unravell their differences. Ocean Breeze A calone based oceanic fragrance which boasts a very clean citrus top. An overall balanced scent with a strong floral heart accord which is water lily dominant. Ocean Mist A very green/citrucy marine scent, less floral than Ocean Breeze. The lack of calone in this one is compensated with pine and cedarwood which give of a moisty feel. Neroli and miguet here are only present to further enhance the green output of the fragrance. Ocean Waves Sophisticated and complex marince scent with distinct aromatic/minty top notes and earthy woods balanced with neroli and geranium. A touch of calone here is needed for that extra swoosh! Honorable mention We needed a fruity-based marine scent so we couldn't help but to include Acqua Marine in our collection for those looking for a tropical twist to the typical oceanic fragrances.  
tea fragrances

3 unique tea fragrances you’re going to fall in love with

There is something mysterious about tea fragrances that we cannot wrap our heads around. The herbal subtleness, the soft flowery allure, the gentle earthy aftersmell. So many unique olfactory qualities come into play which make them very special to our noses. They just cannot fit into a single olfactory category. And if you search for them in our store you may find them lingering between the floral and herbaceous categories. So, to break our top three tea fragrances down a little bit for you we are going to explore their scent make up even further than our typical product descriptions. English Breakfast Tea This is the freshest one our tea trio with a hefty dose of bergamot at the top, reminiscent of Earl Grey. Well, black tea plus bergamot equals Earl Grey tea. So yes, this tea scent is as English as it can get. A dash of vanilla at the base stands for the cream you will surely add, but also as a subtle foundation for this otherwise ultra delicate scent. Oh, and another thing. This is by far the most delicate of all our tea fragrances. So, for those looking for a strong fragrance (we sincerely got tired of hearing that...), just skip it already. Dandelion Root Tea Now here's something your previous fragrance supplier didn't have and wouldn't even dare to think of adding it to their collection. Luckily you've found us who are obsessed with tea fragrances and always on the lookout for totally unique stuff regardless of commercial appeal. And OMG this is unique! Bold peppery notes at the top, and an irresistible earthy/flowery combo in the heart notes made us go pluck some dandelion roots to boil! This one is fairly strong due to its amber/tonka base. More suitable for cosmetics though. Mulberry Leaf Tea We have many mulberries here in Greece but few make teas of them anymore. A pity if you ask us, because they're missing one of the most exquisite beverages. This one is the greenest of the tea trio. You can call it "fresh" if you like. But no citrucy-fresh like English Breakfast Tea. More on the herbaceaous fresh, but nevertheless a good balance with lovely fruity notes (mulberry of course) and a quite unique flower (osmanthus) which surprised us in a good way! Quite strong and lovely for candles/diffusers etc. Honorable Mentions  For commercial reasons, we also host 2 very popular tea fragrances which need no special introduction from us as we are (statistically) pretty sure they will be your top selections. These are the all-time favorite Chamomile Tea and the ultra sleek Green Tea and Lemon. We've especially ordered the latter to be a more perfume-like and modern take on the typical Green Tea + Lemon combo you get to see in literally every fragrance oils supplier on planet earth. You will see what we mean if you try it ;)  
lavender fragrances

Our delightful lavender fragrances trio

Lavender with its delicate fougere notes and soothing aroma, needs no introduction from us. It is a timeless staple in every garden and cherished in perfumery as it bridges the gap between floral and herbaceous scent notes. At Perfumedom, we simply adore the gentle allure of this beloved flower, thus we have curated a trio of delightful lavender fragrances to cater to every preference. Each scent offers a unique interpretation of lavender, promising a sensory journey like no other. Let us delve into the nature of each lavender fragrance we host and unveil their distinctive characteristics, to help you find the perfect scent for your personal style and mood. Lavender Fields Fragrance Oil This one is the most "floral" of our lavender fragrances and the most straight-forward. It is comprised of almost entirely of lavender, accompanied with a hint of rose to further enhance its fougere profile and structured upon an earthy base of amber, tonka and fir. Lavender Garden Fragrance Oil As the name implies, this fragrance is comprised by a host of herbal notes, particulary in the top portion, which continue to linger in the heart notes, softer this time, with a lovely fusion of lavender, rose and lily of the valley. A patchouli/musk combo at the base is used as a balancing accord for the fragrance not to lean over heavily into the "green" side. Lavender and Lemongrass Fragrance Oil And finally, we have the more herbal lavender of the three with the amazing pairing of lemongrass. For those who love the green notes of lavender more than its floral character, this one will not dissapoint as this pairing is more than harmonious. Fresh, rejuvenating and soothing at the same time! Which one of the lavender fragrances we have is your to go scent? The floral, the balanced or the greener one?
Oud Fragrances

3 alluring oud fragrances to indulge

Oud fragrances have been all the rage the last 5 years - and we all know who's to blame for this trend. Personal perfuming asside, this magnificent woody compound is perfect for creating a warm, sensual and very sophisticated ambiance when used in home fragrances. We heard you, and we are now hosting 3 pure oud fragrances in our store, and also trying to fuse it in other blends where possible. But to clear things a bit, we will break down in this post our 3 oud scents and talk a bit about their differences. Oud Incense Fragrance Oil If you are aiming for just one 100% oud scent then Oud Incense Fragrance Oil in all its rich, balsamic glory is for you! A perfectly rounded scent that captures that mysterious but unmistakable aroma of a smoky agarwood. Arabian Oud Fragrance Oil This one makes little room at the base for leathery scents to come forth and introduces complimentary exotic spices to offer an oriental twist to the typical oud aroma. More sensual than the first, less balsamic though. Still a well balanced oriental oud fragrance overall. Black Oud Fragrance Oil A dry, dark and enticing all-woody fragrance, that along with the addition of musk at its base, presents a totally unique perspective by boosting agarwood's smoky nature. Quite daring and niche as a scent but an absolute stand-out when it comes to woody blends. Which of the 3 oud fragrances we host is your favorite? We would love to know in the comments and reviews of each product!
vanilla scents

3 pure vanilla scents for your creations

We are sure that by now you have discovered a wide range of vanilla scents in our website. We have currated with outmost attention this top crowd-pleasing aroma in order to provide as many and diverse scents as possible. However, with a wide selection comes the so-called Choice Overload and many customers are asking for the purest, almost 100% vanilla scent we have. So, for those looking to aquire the most vanilla out of a vanilla fragrance, below your quest has finally reached its destination. Madagascan Vanilla Fragrance Oil You cannot get more vanilla than that one! It's loaded with almost 90% of the stuff and some hints of woody undertones here and there, but not too intense as to disrupt that gorgeous vanilla bliss. Simple, straightforward and divine! Vanilla Shake Fragrance Oil The creamy twin of our best selling Madagascan Vanilla. Same base composition (amber + sandalwood) but sweeter and denser on the top and middle notes for that almost buttery sensation. Again, simple, straightforward and absolutely mouthwatering! Vanilla Spice Fragrance Oil Continuing from where Vanilla Shake left it off, we have the subtly spicy triplet with the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg. Don't be alarmed though. These additions are merely hints compared to the heavy creamy base and do not overwhelm the overall balsamic output. So, in conclusion, we have the 100% pure vanilla big boy with his 2 darling sisters: the sweet one and the spicy one. Which one do you prefer? Tell us your favorite in the reviews section of each fragrance!  
Coffee fragrances

3 stunning coffee fragrance selections

Loved by millions, enjoyed by even more! From the comforting aroma of freshly brewed beans to the rich, complex fruity flavors, coffee transcends plain consumption and becomes a sensory pleasure. That is why we are hosting not one but 3 unique and distinct coffee fragrances in our store. Each one with its own character, intensity and palate. Read more to find out their differences, similarities and coffee scent intensity if you want to make a most informed selection. Coffee Roast Fragrance Oil This is exactly like whiffing right of the coffee grinder! Strong, sharp finely grinded and roasted coffee beans with a distinct smoky character. The coffee force is great in this one as is the nuttiness and delicate spicy aromas. Espresso Americano Fragrance Oil Α dark, bitter and super strong coffee dose that stimulates the senses. Less smoky and nutty than Coffee Roast Fragrance Oil with the addition of the exquisite Italian mocca. Medium coffee presence here. Pure brew nevertheless. Mochaccino Fragrance Oil An eclectic blend of coffee, chocolate and fruity nuances that recreates the most beloved calorie-bomb beverage. Perfect for those who prefer a sweeter, softer, more balsamic coffee scent for their scented creations. Have you tried our coffee fragrances? Let us know which one is your favorite and your experience in your crafting in the reviews!
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