marine fragrance oil

A tropical marine fragrance oil for the escapists

A tropical marine fragrance oil without coconut? Outrageous! Sorry, but this is no sterotypical marine scent trying to lure you with in with sun-screen notions Рthough we have one such thing for the sake of cliché olfactory preferences.

Instead, you will be pleasantly surprised with its extra juicy heart of mango, apricot and passion fruit – a tropical accord made in heaven! And that is if you can firstly ignore the heavy gardenia based uppercut your nose will suffer, because after all, it’s the tropics and those heady flowers reign supreme.

Plus, you will get a decent amount of swoosh, but not that deteregent artificial swoosh, more of a perfumy “expensive” swoosh, like a gentle splash of water on your Versace bikini top after your boo took a dive on Phuket’s crystal sea.

What do you think of our Acqua Marine Fragrance Oil? Love it? Hate it? Post a review of your experience with this oil. Looking for more inspo for oceanic scents? Read this.