Which are the best fragrance oils for candles?

best fragrance oils for candles

It’s not about personal favorites here. We are also candlemakers like you and we need to make products that customers would love to buy. And for that we need to dive a little into our sales department to see which are the best fragrance oils for candles.

The candlemaking industry is one of the most diverse in the market of scented products. Hundreds of candlemakers are competing for quality and innovation in a world that craves for unique and inspiring scents. And this need has propelled perfume manufacturers to explore new aromatic territories, growing their creations even more complex and sophisticated as time goes by. 

However, there are quite a few scents which have stood the test of time. And despite the amount of fragrance blends that have been built around them, they still remain popular as standalone scents up to day. Let us see which are the best fragrance oils for candles according to our candlemakers customers that consist the bulk of our clientele.

Vanilla fragrance

There’s no doubt that vanilla is among the best fragrance oils when it comes to home fragrances. Vanilla’s inviting aroma along with its superb performance in wax make it the ideal customers’ choice regardless the season or occasion. In addition, it is one of the most versatile and popular bases for hundreds – if not thousands – fragrance compositions for candles out there. And for your convenience, we have created a special collection putting together all dominant vanilla fragrances.

Cinnamon fragrance

An unmistakable scent that dominates the holidays season, though rarely you will find cinnamon as a sole fragrance in a candle. Cinnamon is usually paired with other balsamic scents to create a sweet blend reminiscent of Christmas treats but it can also enhance the spicy profile of any dark and mysterious oriental fragrance composition. You can find a true cinnamon in all its glory here in our shop.

Orange fragrance

In contrast with the other two warm fragrance oils for candles we have the sunny Orange. Its acidic nature makes it ideal as an odor eliminator and, though it too is rarely present as an independent fragrance, it can act as the ideal introduction for that fresh kick on the top accords for many fragrances. Speaking of oranges, you should really check out our citrus fragrances collection. All the tangy boys are there!

Sandalwood fragrance

Back again to warm and cozy scents with another staple for candlemakers and consumers alike. Sandalwood is usually preferred alone, as its irresistible aroma is well enough on its own to fill a room with a sense of calmness and serenity. We have 2 options in our shop for you: One it’s Sandalwood alone and the other one is a more lively version of it for that “spa” sensation.

Jasmine fragrance

There’s a love it or hate it situation going on with jasmine. Some say it smells “old” while others cannot have enough of its alluring and hypnotic aroma. But one thing is for certain: Jasmine sells! And unlike other light colorful florals like bluebell or fressia, Jasmine is dominate and craves for attention right from the shelf. Checkout or pure Jasmine fragrance oil or the more subtle version of it.

This is our top five of the best fragrance oils for candles according to our sales. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Which are your best sellers and why?

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